I'm so busy. Sorry about that. Here is a list of the lastest movies that I've seen:

I've been reading, watching movies, dancing and studying. Well, I have a lot of things to do in the university... It's not easy.


Today I saw something that makes me wonder about life. It was around 7 a.m, I was at the bus going to my university. My bus was in front of a famous hospital at my city, and there was a man dead on the floor.

Ok, so I’m going to start like this. I was thinking about how frangile we are. Someday we’re alive, but the next day we can be dead, or maybe in the next minute. I’m writting this but I don’t know if tomorrow I will be here. I saw a documentary about medical and funeral directors, and a man said something that I think it’s interesting: “We do not ask to be born or die.”

It was sad, I hope his soul is in peace now. We never know when it’s going to be our last day here. Let’s say and do what we want while we have the opportunity to do it.